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Male diseases Everyone wants to be healthy, but not everyone succeeds. Every day we are in danger of poisoning, catching a cold, injuring something and so on. There are diseases to which only men are exposed, since this type of ailments is characterized by deviations in the work of male genitals. Today we will consider them. Canadian pharmacy is a leader in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. One of the most common problems of modern men is prostate adenoma – a disease that occurs due to the growth of this gland, which leads to blockage of the urinary tract. Among the symptoms of the disease: longer, but less intense urination, tension in the abdomen, frequent urination, painful erection. The causes of prostate adenoma are as follows: age, irregular sex, the impact of stress and ecology, as well as other diseases. Another serious problem of men is balanopostitis – an inflammatory process on the skin of the penis head, as well as the inner leaf of the foreskin. This disease occurs due to the ingress of pathogens into the body and a favorable environment for their development (for example, ignoring the rules of personal hygiene or anal-genital sex). The symptoms of the disease include: redness, itching and burning of the penis head, purulent discharge with an unpleasant smell. It is not uncommon and premature ejaculation – a deviation that is characterized by the onset of ejaculation before or immediately after the penis penetrated the vagina. Especially often premature ejaculation worries young boys who have just started to lead a sexually active life. Ejaculation can occur prematurely and as a result of stress, various injuries, alcohol intoxication, abnormalities in the endocrine system of the body.  Abour Pharmacy at wikipedia.

 Prostatitis – another disease of the male genitals, which gives trouble about a quarter of the entire male population of the world. With prostatitis, there is inflammation of the prostate gland, the cause of which is the ingress of microbes, the release of urine into the prostate gland, as well as the spread of infection from its focus. With prostatitis, the following symptoms are observed: pain in the lumbar and perineal region, frequent urination or, conversely, difficulty in urinating, which is often painful. Prostatitis must be treated, as it can easily go into chronic form. Another common disease is Peyronie's disease, in which the penis is deformed during sexual arousal. This is due to the fact that a painful process occurs in the protein shell and the penis septum. The symptoms of this disease are pain in the penis in a calm and excited state, the formation of plaques on the penis, as well as the curvature of the penis, which greatly complicates or excludes sexual intercourse. 

A large number of modern men suffer from erectile dysfunction – a disease that is characterized by an inability to appear or maintain an erection. This diagnosis is made when these symptoms remain relevant for several months. The causes of this kind of disease are lesions of the nervous system, other diseases of the genital organs, disorders in the endocrine system of the body, alcoholism and drug addiction, frequent stress and constant fatigue, diabetes, renal failure, as well as traumatic injuries or lesions of the penis. The main feature of this disease is the lack of erection during sexual arousal, less common deformation of the penis during erection, as well as the occurrence of various psychological disorders. Urethritis is a disease that can combat not only men but also women, but it is almost the most common disease in men. In addition, the course of this disease is much more painful in men than in women. 

This disease is characterized by inflammation of the urethra, in other words – the urethra. Symptoms of urethritis include burning and cutting pain during urination, which is most active at the beginning of urination. In addition, there are discharge from the urethra, which are characterized by purulent-mucous structure, greenish tint and a very unpleasant smell. Only a small number of diseases of the male reproductive system are congenital. The rest are acquired by a man due to various factors. The emergence of different types of diseases that harm men's health, contributes to non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, other diseases that give a complication of the male reproductive system, mechanical damage to the genitals, getting an infection due to unprotected sexual intercourse, hypothermia, too active or lack of sexual life. Therefore, try to monitor your health, minimizing the risk of diseases.