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Let's talk about a very sensitive, intimate topic. Namely — sexual powerlessness in men. We like that it is not accepted to discuss this issue out loud. But to no avail. Statistics say that every tenth man in the age of 20-50 years old suffering from erectile dysfunction. More about Medical pharmacy.The causes of sexual impotence can be very different - it's wrong underwear, and stress, and even a lack of vitamins in the body. We have listed some of the causes of male sexual impotence. In fact, there are many more reasons. Erection problems become more frequent with age. In men aged 45 years and older, sexual impotence manifests itself in half of the cases of a hundred. Here is such a statistics. And the doctors, our men are not in a hurry. We have already said that one of the causes of sexual weakness is a lack of vitamins, fatigue, stress. Try to eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible. Give up alcohol, spend more time in the fresh air. Sleep at least eight hours a day. Every night before going to bed make contrasting foot baths. It is also useful to take soothing drops — tincture of peony or hawthorn tincture, 20 drops for two tablespoons of water. Tinctures can be bought at the pharmacy. In case of ejaculation disorder (ejaculation), peony tincture is used — 40 drops 3 times a day before meals. The course of treatment is one month. Even in ancient times, healers recommended to be treated with turnips cooked in milk, drink carrot juice with honey 50 grams 3-4 times a day before meals. To increase the potency, prepare such a remedy: take two hundred grams of figs, prunes raisins and 12 walnuts kernels. Dry fruits finely chop, mix and store in the refrigerator. Take 2 tablespoons daily with one glass of kefir. The course of treatment is two months.